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news for barack obama is even with the sorry state of affairs in this country -- oh, what you've never seen a show hosted by an aging french whore before? prude, prisses, all of you. don't judge me. i judge you. [ laughter ] when does this thing go off the rails? anyone know? [laughter] the good news for barack obama is even with the sorry state after fairs in this country he's not going to do the heavy lifting by himself. he has a support of his democratic colleagues and whitman samplers of american heros. heros, oh, god yeah, heros. that's not going to help me because i'm still so thirsty. my favorite hero was desolene victor. >> we should follow the exam of a north miami woman named desolene victor. she was told the wait to vote might be six hours. she's 102 years old. >> jon: that's the most adorable woman i've seen on the planet. screw the cat token that woman should be the the new monopoly piece. that's what i say. anyway -- [laughter] liquid. mmmmm, yes the state of the union address is a powerful bully pulpit where the presidene president has the opportunity to shape his messag
in our pages this week that he was disappointed by in obama's state of the union speech he felt that the president still isn't asking for enough sacrifice. you can interpret the proposed tax increased tax revenue as that call for sacrifice. you know, if people get on board with that, then i think, yeah, the republicans would suffer. >> let's talk a little bit, josh, there is nothing more kind of awkward than quoting someone to their own face, but i do it a lot on this show, and you have a really interesting -- is it a full story, or is it a post? i just -- >> it's sort of a web story. >> it's a liger. >> yeah. >> it's why democrats should fear sequester cuts. in the great intel available at bloomberg gov or bgov, you say that you basically make the point that democrat are going to be the ones that feel the pain for these defense cuts. a new study from bloomberg gov showed that democratic congressional districts will be hit harder by the military cuts than republican ones and that eight of the top ten districts that will experience the deepest cuts are represented by democrats. a
by ben jealous, president and ceo of the naacp, who will talk about president obama's state of the union address proposal in dealing with obstacles to voting. back in a minute. ♪ [music break] >> this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with juan gonzalez. our guests are former seattle police chief norm stamper and radley balko, huffington post writer, author of the forthcoming, "rise of the warrior cop: the militarization of america's police forces." >> i want to ask chief stamper, you say you have concerns about the use of these incendiary devices. of course, this is not the first time in a major high-profile police action that we have had these devices used and have raised controversy. 20 years ago this year in 1993 the fbi used incendiary devices to end their siege of the branch davidian compound in waco. at the time, authorities claimed the cult members intentionally burned down the compound rid i want to play a clip of cnn's live coverage from april 15, 1993 when that fire had just begun. >> engulfed the vast majority of this compound.
and their expansion plans. jay timmons, welcome back to the show. i'm shocked, shocked that obama gives a state of the union message and then goes out campaign style to sell it. i'm shocked. are you? >> well, quite frankly, we're very happy, larry, that the president is talking about manufacturing. we like it when anybody, republican, democrat in washington talks about manufacturing. we just want to see action. we want to see a growth plan put into place so that we can actually start creating manufacturing jobs. >> what kind of growth plans? obama wants to single out manufacturing. he wants to give you all tax credits if you open up plants in the united states, wants 15 hubs around the country for research center. i don't know what that means. what i want to ask you is what constitutes manufacturing today? it could be technology companies, they could be car companies, they could be materials companies. see, i don't even understand this. how do we know what is manufacturing and why it has to be located solely in the usa. i don't get that. >> we want it here because manufacturing has tremendous m
about obama's state of the union address. what did ordinary, hard-working patriotic americans think? beats us. we sent bill schulz on the streets to find out. sadly, he came back. >> cheap shot. >> thanks, you are doing a great job. state of the union. i didn't watch it. don't own a tv. let's find out if the rest of new york did. >> i didn't watch it. >> what did you do? gee i was -- i was reading a book. >> i didn't get to watch the entire thing. >> i don't think anybody in america did. >> i don't think so either. but it was on every channel. >> it was hard to uh vowed. avoid. a lot like claw midyaw. >> i was watching "full house" last night. >> finally the truth. are you an uncle jesse guy or -- i don't know, the good -- the dude that slept with mora set. >> i didn't watch it. >> what were you doing? >> i was just sitting at home watching a movie. >> i thought he hit most of the topics he needed to hit. it was great. >> what are your thoughts when he said dogs can only have driver's licenses if they are sixteen and over. that's like a hundred in dog years. >> what are your thought
. murdoch? stick around to find out. >>> so we've heard a lot from the media about obama's state of the union address, but what did ordinary, hard-working americans thong? we don't know. we don't know any. we sent bill schulz out to find out. >> thanks, andy. you are doing a great job. state of the union. i didn't watch it. don't own a tv. let's find out if the res of new york did. >> i didn't watch it. >> what did you do? >> i was reading a book or something. >> unfortunately i couldn't watch the entire thing. >> i don't think anybody did. >> i don't think so either, but it was on every channel. >> it was hard to avoid. a lot like claw midyaw. >> i was watching "full house". >> finally the truth. are you an uncle jesse guy or -- i don't know his i'm that. the guy that slept with uh plan nighs more set. >> jesse. >> you didn't watch it? what were you doing? >> sitting at home watching a movie. >> i thought he hit most of the topics, and it was great. >> what are your thoughts on him saying dogs can only have driver's licenses if they are 16 and over. that's like a hundred in dog
in response to president obama's state of the union address. the state of illinois voting to legalize gay marriage. whre the bill is headed next -- and the concerns republicans have if the bill passes. >> the latest in the cop killer investigation -- police have positively identified that the charred remains found in the burned cabin in the san bernardino mountains does in fact belong to suspected cop killer christopher dorner. this was the scene where the shootout with authorities led to a fire at the cabin. police are denying claims that the fire was intentionally set. they say it was caused by tear gas canisters. a couple spoke publicly about their ordeal when they discovered christopher dorner in their cabin. >> he spoke to us frequently saying that he would not kill us. he compared us to be yacht owner and san diego, we are just a means for transportation that is all i wanted from us. >>pam: the couple managed to free themselves and call police. meantime, dorner's ex- girlfriend is talking about her experience with the accused killer. been i think that when you have a profession wher
in president obama's state of the union address. >> it's not about keeping kids safe in school. that wasn't even mentioned in the president's speech. they only care about their decades-long, decades-old gun control agenda. ban every gun they can, tax every gun sold, and register every american gun owner. the president has taken the art of public deception and manipulation to a whole new level on this one. >> joining me now, "washington post" columnist and msnbc political analyst, e.j. dionne who is also on the nra's enemies list. e.j., first of all, congratulations of making the -- >> it's a my honor and distinct privilege to be on that list. >> a lot of us are kind of jealous. you're in distinguished company. frank rich, jimmy breslin. they concentrate on columnists. they still think that you wield all the power in public o pin where on. so there's a compliment there, i think. >> i also think it's a fairly old list. >> yes, it is. >> that list has been around for a while. i'm not sure they fully updated it. when they do, you'll be at the top i think. >> i'm going what i can. >> i say tha
of the obama state of the union when he said guns measure deserves a vote. that's not how congress works. obama is asking for the exception, not the rules. they have a bunch of rules that try to prevent votes. in the senate the obama team probably should have seen that republicans could have used the 60 votes against hagel, as they have. therefore, the big task for obama is to try to get a pledge from boehner, it will be very, very, very hard to do, zwrous get his measures that he's favors in his agenda to the floor of the house. that is very hard since boehner controls everything. >> chris, the exception, not the rule? but it seems that the rule these days is exactly what we are seeing. >> when it comes to i think big pieces of legislation or big issues, it is the rule. if you're talking about sequestration, a good example, it's going to require 60 votes for a deal to get through the senate, which basically means the proposal the democrats came up with just a few days ago is more or less dead in the water. >> right. >> immigration may be a little bit difference, i think there will be more repu
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president obama's state of the union address. we'll tell you why he says the speech revealed the president's true feelings about the second amendment. >> it's not about keeping kids safe at school, that wasn't even mentioned in the president's speech. they only care about their decades' long, decades' old gun control agenda. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we make radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit that's better than a few "likes." i don't have the door code. who's that? he won a contest online to be ceo for the day. how am i supposed to run a business here without an office?! [ male announcer ] fast, reliable deliveries worldwide. fedex. [
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: president obama wrapped up his post-state of the union tour with a visit to his hometown today. margaret warner has the story. >> warner: the president's trip to chicago came amid the country's new focus on gun violence. and while he was there to talk about raising the minimum wage and expanding preschool for children, the city's surge of gun killings wasn't far from his mind. >> last year, there were 443 murders with a firearm on the streets of this city, and 65 of those victims were 18 and under. so that's the equivalent of a newtown every four months. and that's precisely why the overwhelming majority of americans are asking for some common-sense proposals to make it harder for criminals to get their hands on a gun. >> warner: those 443 shooting deaths were among more than 500 homicides in chicago last year. and last month, 15-year-old hadiya pendleton, who had just performed during president obama's inauguration festivities in washington, was shot dead about a mile from the first family's chicago home. first lady michelle obama attended her funeral last weekend, and the president hig
in newtown president obama has been on a crew side to bring gun control to the united states. today in chicago mr. obama met with students enrolled in an anti-violence program. before that he reconnected with some of those families from sandy hook at the white house. tara mergener has more. >> reporter: president obama wiped away a tear as he honored the six adults killed in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> they gave their lives to protect the precious children in their care. they gave all they had for the most innocent and helpless among us. >> reporter: family members accepted the awards on behalf of the women who are among 18 to receive the nation's second highest civilian honor, the presidential citizens medal. bill sherlock's wife mary was the school psychologist. >> the high honor. all i could hope is that if i were in the same situation that i'd have the courage she had and that dawn had and that natalie had to run out the door and confront what was going on that day. >> reporter: after the ceremony the president left the white house for chicago to rally suppo
relationship with the united states, from washington to kennedy, reagan to obama, they avert to uphold his promise. that trust ultimately is the principle that must guide us, all of us as we go forward and do right by all of our children and grandchildren and when we do, we will always be able to say the state of indian is strong in the prosperity of america is secure. thank you. [applause] [applause] >> it is my honor to introduce, senator maria cantwell. mr. cantwell represents the great state is washington. she represents 29 tribes and almost 165,000 native people. senator cantwell is one of the many success stories. she was elected in 2000 with strong tribal support, beating senator slade gorton by 2229 votes. she served on the indian affairs committee sent surfers during the senate. throughout her service to his work to promote economic growth and advance sovereignty. last month, senator cantwell became the first chair of the committee were delighted to ever provide the professional response to today's stated indian nations. please show me in welcoming, chairwoman maria cantwell. [app
. >> straight talk. >> is obama doing a good job? >> yes, he is. president of the united states. he's not obama. he's the president of the united states. thank you. >> best award winning television. wouldn't you agree? >> bob: let me ask you a question. is that what you did for the high school equivalentdy blow m? >> you are saying it's g.e.d. tv? >> bob: no. interesting. you go to jersey shore and you find -- stay on the jersey shore. >> i have been to six ivy league school? >> were they in there? >> we didn't put it in. >> you got none of those answers on there? >> of course i did. of course i did. but none of those people were wearing bikinis. >> did nip say the unemployment rate is 7.9%? >> a few people nail it. >> 80%, 75% of people had no clue what is going on. that is a large number. large number. >> andrea: after i watch, that i don't know whether to laugh or get depressed. it makes me sad how dumb young people are. can i ask you something you gut through some of the toughest assignments, nude beaches, bikini clad women. are those your idea to go to the local or bill? >> hard question.
's looking old. you know what he looks like in this picture? the 102-year-old grandma that obama pointed out at the state-of-the-union speech. he looks just like the grandma. >> mariah carey posted photos last night on twitter, getting ready to go out for valentine's day. they are the most ridiculous photos of her in her bathtub, in her house, big old bubble bath. she brought the dog in the tub with her. >> where's nick cannon? >> he doesn't get in on that. that's the part that bothers me. >> he's underneath her with a scuba tank. >> i love her. >> i kinda like her, too, for this. >> she's like gwyneth paltrow but not as vixy about it. >> gwyneth paltrow wants it to be serious. >> her group was all about valentine's day for one and she recommended you buy this book called cooking for one, all recipes for one person. so ridiculous. >> what did you make? >> that was mean. >> wow. >> i was kidding! >> oh, my god. >> you guys do that to me. >> you don't know anything about me. >> i was just kidding. ok. >> coming up, leann rimes is suing her dentist because he messed up her teeth. >> did you see
ideas of barack obama. which is why it was so interesting to hear the two states that president obama mentioned as models when he announced his state of the union plan for preschool. >> tonight i propose working with states to make high-quality preschool available to every single child in america. [ applause ] in states that make it a priority to educate our youngest children, like georgia or oklahoma, studies show students grow up more likely to read and do math at grade level, graduate high school, hold a job, form more stable families of their own. >> president obama took that proposal on the road, visiting a prek class, pre-kindergarten class in decatur, georgia. he played a game of i spy with the kids there and noticed the magnifying class glancy drew style. he had phonics. he did the kinds of things you do in pre-k if you have pre-k where you live like they do in georgia. georgia is a conservative state. but no state is conservative like oklahoma is, right? and yet oklahoma has had universal pre-kindergarten since the late 1990s. and they got it in the most amazing way. the stor
in west virginia. we'll talk about when our rain showers turn to snow showers. >> up next president obama awards the nation. >>> in a state of the union address this week the president called on congress to vote on new gun control legislation and earlier today at the white house he presented the nation's second highest civilian honor to the sixth adult killed in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> they gave their lives to protect the precious children in their care. they gave all they had for the most innocent and helpless among us. >> family members accepted the awards on behalf of the women among 18 people awarded the presidential citizens medal. the president told the audience it's citizenship that binds our nations together and captures americans' belief in something bigger than themself. >>> president obama's chief of staff will be a guest on this week's face the nation and joining us now its host bob schieffer, always good to chat with you. >> how you doing, derek? we've got plenty to talk to denis mcdonough about, that's for sure. >> the president had left washington righ
, president obama in his state of the union made it clear that entitlentitlement programs are t getting reformed. neil: i think that democrats are looking at a different universe. i got a senate state of union, he said, i'm one and done with the debt. this package i'm close to, and math does not up that is it fur further more, come ponding this. -- compounding this what math is he using, is he saying that because he is paying for more tax hikes? >> i think his math would make enron accoun accountant proud, g he does will add to the debt. he is fooling himself. neil: why would he propose? crunch the numbers here. >> he wants to raise taxes. neil: hundreds of blions of new spending, he -- and not a dumb politician, he is shrewd enough. if we don't talk about this spending problem we don't have a spending problem? >> that is right, he thinks that basically we can raise taxes to cover what we're missing with the deficit, that is not true this year we'll run $800 billion deficit, if we take everyone here who made a million and taxed them 100% we're not even going to roach that. all the presi
to tell folks that we are glad that you are not watching right now, because our president barack obama is giving his state of the union address for his second term. and i think that particularly apropo given that february is black history month. and i think that it is absolutely wonderful that our african american president is giving the state of the union address. we are also very, excited that we are celebrating the lunar new year across the district and i would ask everyone to join with me in celebrating these two occasions african american month and chinese lunar new year across the district. i also would like to bring to everyone's attention that this year is also a very important year for us in san francisco unified school district. as our early education department is celebrating its 70th anniversary. and this is incredible on a number of fronts, where we see school districts across the country that are doing away with the early childhood programs in san francisco, we have continued to invest and we see it in early in the childhood program. if you think back we are in the throws
&p 500 up 0.1%. in washington, this week's theme was the middle class. president obama underlined that in his state of the union address as did republicans in their response. there is wide-spread agreement america needs to do more to ease the anxieties of middle class families. but as darren gersh reports, solutions that help workers climb into the middle class and stay there are easy to talk about, but hard to implement. >> reporter: it may not solve all the problems, but a rapidly growing economy is a good place to start when it comes to creating middle class jobs. a tight labor market makes it possible for workers to demand raises and better benefits. which is why former obama adviser jared bernstein thinks economic austerity is the wrong medicine to take right now. >> you have public governments across europe and the united states sort of pulling out their fiscal supports too soon and that's hurting the middle class. >> reporter: of course conservatives consider bloated public spending a burden that threatens long-run economic growth which would hurt the middle class. and that
, if they think that it's ok that we send drones over, you know, president obama ther night in the state of the union got this great applause for saying we're finally bringing our troops back home. he didn't say anything about the fact that we're continuing the drone war program, the killings of thousands of people, many of the vast majority of them innocent civilians men women and children creating so much more hatred toward the united states. cenk: i think you're absolutely right about that. we talk about it on "the young turks" all the time. the problem is in my experience, people don't actually take to the streets unless it concerns them. when you talk about the drone program, it rates anywhere between 83% to 55% depending on how you ask the question, but it's very popular. why? because they're not the ones getting droned. in vietnam there were huge protester because people were going to go to vietnam and die. they didn't want to do that. the labor movement affected how people feed their family. the civil rights movement affected african-americans and people in the country. what's it
. >> the head of the nra is firing back at president obama, criticizing commons that he may ignore the state of the union address. wayne lapierre was talking to a national oil dance, and says that the president's did not talk about keeping children save at school, arguing that he is more interested in taking away the rights of americans. >> the president used the state of the union address to make an impassioned plea for tougher gun control and many people in the audience were victims of gun violence. >> smoking bans may be lowering the rate of preterm births. researchers in belgium found that the risk of preterm births decrease after the introduction of each phase of a public smoking ban. public health experts hope that as more and more countries in europe and around the world adopt stricter legislation on smoking in public places, the health benefits will start to become evident fairly swiftly. a study from england published last month found that the introduction of smoking bans their lead to a swift and dramatic falls in the number of children admitted to hospital suffering from asthma at
progress on the overhaul. the contract was canceled january 31st. the state legislature was told yesterday. >>> president obama honored those killed in the newtown, connecticut in a white house ceremony. president obama presented the medals to family the family members of the teachers and educators to six of the family members. 20 children were killed in the ceremony. today's ceremony also honored 12 other americans in fields that honored gay rights, veterans. >>> record warmth and near record warmth for your enjoyment this afternoon. under mostly blue skies. giving you a live look at la fayette, wall-to-wall sunshine going on for your friday. right now temperatures nep where from 2 to 4 warmer than yesterday. again, we're looking at the possibility of breaking a record or two by the end of the day. today is going to be the warmest day. the ridge of high pressure remains right over california. the sinking air associated with that, continuing to drive our temperatures up and the offshore breeze really warming things up around the coast as well as inland. the winds right now, 12 miles per ho
obama squeezed in his third event since the "state of the union" talking up the middle class. >> we have to grow the economy and create more good jobs and equip every american with skills and training to fill the jobs. rebuild the letters of opportunity for everybody willing to climb it. >> aides said he knew he could not stop without mentioning the gun violence devastating the city. since parents of 15-year-old pendleton who was gunned down here days after performing in the inaugural parade attending the event. >> americans are asking for common sense proposals to make it harder for criminals to get their hands on a gun. but they deserve a vote in congress. >> critics say chicago has strong fun control. yet gun violence still explodes. there have been 41 shooting related murders in chicago. 809 guns have been seized here. nine times the amount seized in new york city. last year they had 500 murders, most involving guns. only 300 of the guns seized were assault rifles happen. is a reason that today the president offered a broader pitch that went beyond gun control. >> we should do more
of the few concrete specific proposals president obama raised in tuesday's state of the union was a call to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour from the current rate of $7.25. and republicans did what they do best, hated the idea. leading the way for the hateful haters, house speaker john boehner who told reporters yesterday "when you raise the price of employment, guess what happens? you get less of it. what happens when you take away the first couple of rungs on the economic ladder, you make it harder for people to get on the ladder." this is an argument economists technically called bull pucky. according to the center for economic and policy research, raising the minimum wage has little or no impact at all on the rate of unemployment. but that doesn't stop robert luddy, ceo of a company you've never heard of from furthering this argument on fox news yesterday. >> at the bottom are teenagers. what it's going to do is just take out all of those jobs. i worked for 85 cents an hour when i was in high school. i was happy to have that job. >> john: let's unpack that, shall we? first of all
you teach me ♪ >>> welcome back. this week, president obama followed up on his state of the union address with visits that highlighted some of his plans. >> yesterday was universal preschool education, and that issue took him to georgia. abc's karen travers joins us with the details. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning. president obama said none of the proposals he outlined in his state of the union will add a dime to the deficit. but he's facing instant reaction from republicans who say his education plans cost too much. these pre-k students got a surprise and very high profile visitor. >> hey, guys. >> reporter: president obama headed to georgia to launch his push for early childhood education, including nationwide publicly funded prekindergarten. >> let's make sure none of our kids start out behind. let's make it a priority to give every child access to early education. >> reporter: the president obama held up georgia's pre-k program as a model for the rest of the nation. he said parents of all income levels should have access to the same quality education opportunit
the country, though it isn't easy very popular in some midwestern and southern states. >> a confirmation vote for choke off hagel as defense secretary has been delayed and president obama is not happy about it. >> hagel is a former republican senator and a decorated vietnam veteran. a vote to end a gop filibuster fell two votes short. >> republicans are holding up the confirmation, demanding information on how the obama administration have the attack on u.s. diplomatic mission in libya. >> democrats call the hold of tragic. another voted expected later this month. >> the pentagon is creating a new metal that can be awarded to troops to have a direct impact on combat operations, but had never set foot in a combat zone. >> it is called the distinguished warfare metal. current defense secretary leon panetta gave his approval earlier this week. >> the head of the nra is firing back at president obama. >> criticizing comments he made during the state of the union address. >> he was talking to-build audience and says the president did not talk about keeping children safe at school. >> are hearing t
or help states provide early childhood education for children. obama was reelected. i wish republicans, instead of standing in the way, would jump on board, because the liberal agenda is going to move forward. thank you, and have a good day. host: he has his opinions. what do you make of what he said about early education? he was in georgia, close to where you are from, talking about preschool expansion and early education proposals. guest: i had an e-mail from a teacher as they were giving this speech. it was somebody i have known for a long time. it was -- are you kidding me? more paper work. so many of our educators, when they hear these programs coming from the federal government, they are thinking, that is another slip of paper work that i'm going to have to do. teachers are so weighed down with that. teachers i am talking to, the one state and local control, off-site based decision making. they do not want the federal government. they would like to see states with control of education and would much prefer that than having the federal government come up with this initiative and t
privacy settings, stating "the company shares information necessary to process a transaction." president obama is stepping up cyber security efforts in u.s. businesses. the president issued an executive order this week. it requests agencies set standards for companies with "sensitive infrastructures." those standards include updated anti-virus programs, being aware of all points where a company connects to the internet, and limiting widespread company access. the measures are voluntary, but could become mandatory. as we head into the holiday weekend, gas prices remain on the high side. refinery outtages along the east and west coasts as well as in europe are driving up crude oil. crude futures topped off above $97 yesterday. oil is up nearly $10 in the past 2 months. oil trader phil flynn, a fox business news contributor, believes the refinery situation is stabilizing. "so that should ease some of the concerns, but not in all parts of the country. just yesterday, we heard in the chicago area a major refinery fire happened. it pushed up prices 9 cents, so i recommend staying out of chicag
the fact that he leaves that he lives in mexico. president barack obama is returning to chicago on friday. he is expected to discuss the state of the economy and plans to talk about gun control. some are questioning whether stricter laws will have any impact on the high levels of violence on the city streets. >> in ingleside, 20 shots heard over there. >> this is what president obama is coming home to. >> about every couple days i hear about a gun for sale. nothing to do with a gun card or a gun store or the gun law they just passed that is supposed to keep them off the streets because they are still on the streets. >> last year 506 people were killed in chicago. >> this is the third or fourth shooting on the block this year. >> that is more americans that died -- then died in afghanistan last year. surely chambers lost all four of her children to gunshots. >> i never imagined i would lose all four of my children. i did the best i could. >> most are young, black, and trapped in the blinding poverty of the southwest side. >> they kill men, and this is not for real, right i am not even goin
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